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Why choose the Cockpit?

Analog & Digital Mastering

Enjoy a combination of today’s techniques for the best results !

Free Mix Evaluation

The secret of a good Mastering is a good mix. If necessary, we help you to improve your mix before beginning any Mastering session. It’s free and without obligation.

The artist first!

At the Cockpit Studio we take your opinion seriously and we stay in touch by e-mail or phone during the whole process, to inform and advise you.

Free revisions

After downloading the mastered tracks, if you want to make changes, they will be free. Once you are 100% Satisfied with the result, we produce the final master in the form of a DDP image file, WAV or AIFF files.

The DDP Image included

DDP is a special Master format for CD pressing society. It contains audio and all the information on your CD. The studios usually provide the DDP for an additional cost. Here it is included in the price.

What is “The Cockpit” ?

Glass wool, rock wool, hemp wool and wood of various origin have been specially chosen to create a room with impeccable acoustics. May be mentioned Bass-traps, Broad band Absorber, resonator Helmotz, Clouds, Hangers and also other techniques that you can find on the websites of Ethan Winer (for acoustics) and John Sayers (for construction) if you feel like said.

The main characteristic of COCKPIT is that the studio monitors are integrated in a non-parallel structure made of wood and absorbers thus avoiding any reflection.