Mixing your song at the Cockpit?

Analog & Digital … and analog Summing

The cockpit also offers digital and analog mixing … plus an analog summing through the Dangerous D-Box!

Free revisions!

This is our guarantee that you will have full satisfaction. We agree on a price per project and we stick to it: No matter what, no hidden costs, no surprises!

Your vision of the mix (…or not):

We make it a point of honor to respect the vision of the producer, but if you lack ideas and you ask us, we would be glad to make a creative and professional touch on your mix!

Free mastering

We obviously offer mastering if you mix your album at the “Cockpit”.


What is Mixing ?

Mixing is to make artistic choices. For example: balancing the frequencies and volumes of the tracks, (re) create a spatial environnement (eg pan / reverb / delay), compress (or not) … and thus bring the songs in an atmosphere that beautifies it. All this to end up with something that pushes us to shout loudly: “ROCK’N’ROLL” !! … Or something …

But the goal of the mix is mainly to make it possible to hear and understand everything that is going on in the song. The violinist shouldn’t wonder where his G sharp has gone while the guitars are roaring at any cost!

In fact everything depends on the song, there is no miracle recipes! A good record will help a good mixing that will help a good Mastering … and with a bit of magic we can imagine approaching the musical GRAIL!

I read a lot of things on the internet, Wikipedia and so on ……… “blah blah blah …

The only thing that matters, in the end, are the chills and the hairs that are standing on our arms !