Mastering, that we should rather call “pre-mastering” is the last step, after mixing, where we work on the final mix.

The goal is to sculpt the song like a diamond! Bring out all the beautiful parts … gain dimension … boost the sound (depending desires) … … increase contrast …  give a “vintage” analog style … restore dynamics … so that the song can stand out the best way possible on all types of media (sound system, stereo, car, dock-ipod, tv, headphones  …)

Mastering is often overlooked by many artists, while this is clearly the production stage of an album that requires the most care. It is actually a second opinion, which is not to be taken lightly. The sound engineer (which mix) has his vision! … And as perfect as the acoustics of the studio can be, objectivity makes us all default after several days of work … The Mastering Engineer will make these essential corrections to allow the song going even further in perfection!

According to Bob Catz, a good Mastering requires 3 things:

– A room of an irreproachable acoustics
– Good monitor speakers
– Good ears!

The selection of what we use for the rest (compressor, EQ, limiting, Tape, Tube, etc …) has little to no matter … Today, we can do EVERYTHING, … really everything…  and even the means / methods are unlimited … only the result counts!

At the Cockpit Studio , we are working with an hybrid (analog and digital) System  –>  “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS”