The online mastering service allows you to make use of our services directly from your desktop for only 35 € per track (decreasing / title nbr). Use the website: to send us your files (click here to know how / what to send)


Digital and Analog Mastering

Digital Mastering provides transparency and flexibility we need to improve any mix, Analog adds warmth and musical punch musicians are always looking for. Enjoy the best of both worlds for solid results.

The sound you have in mind

At the Cockpit Studio we work for you. Before starting any mastering we make sure to understand what you want.

What to improve?

The stereo image, frequency balance, dynamics, loudness , Noise / error correction, clarity and impact.

1, 2, 3 … Test !

We test your Masters in real time on a wide variety of professional studio monitors (including subwoofers) and Hi-fi  speakers, ensuring that your music translate correctly on all existing systems.

Compatible with the latest “loudness” regulation

When working on loudness,  we always maintain the right dynamic for that specific genre of music and the specific situation. The cockpit has all the tools to make an accurate and detailed analysis of your music.

No surprises

The insurance of what you will pay before starting.