Exporting files – Check your settings carefully!

Wondering how to provide audio for mastering, so here is a quick overview on how to prepare your mix / pre-mastering:

  • File Format

    WAV (WAVE) and AIF (AIFF) are preferred, either in split-mono or in stereo interleaved (both are suitable).

  • Sample rate and bit depth

    Use the sample rate of your original session if you are mixing “in the box” there is nothing to gain resampling up to 96kHz if you recorded at a lower rate. Rsolution is preferred to 24 bits.

  • Normalization.

    There is no reason to normalize, you might mess up the relative levels of each track.


It is not really advisable to use plug-ins on the 2Bus to make your mix louder. You can generally use a limiter to see how it sounds, but it is better to provide a mix rather than a mix pushed too hard. This will give us more work and will make all the difference. However, if you use compression on your 2bus to increase the “feeling” of the track, it is indeed an integral part of the mix, so you can leave it on.

If you want, you can provide different versions with and without the effects on the 2bus and we can choose the best one with you, but be careful not to just fall into the extreme « Brickwall » !


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions !